6 Remote Jobs You Can Get in Canada Without Experience

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6 Remote Jobs You Can Get in Canada Without Experience

There are many ways to make money online with no experience. If you’re a creative person, you can become a YouTuber or a blogger. Depending on the skill level you have, you can even do research on new topics. This can be done from home with little to no experience. All you need is the desire to create content and to keep up with your favorite hobbies. Listed below are 6 ways to make money online without experience.

Transcriptionists convert audio files into text

Whether you’re dictating a podcast or capturing audio from a radio show, a transcriptionist can turn audio files into text. With the right tools, transcription can be fast and accurate, with crisp results in manual and automated modes. Automation tools can auto-loop audio and integrate with a foot pedal. A professional can also time-stamp each paragraph. Transcription services can be helpful in a variety of situations, but they’re usually most accurate when paired with a professional.

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If you don’t have the time or the expertise to perform this task yourself, there are plenty of services available to do it for you. Transcriptionists convert audio files into text for a fee, with the price varying depending on the number of minutes of audio and video files. You can choose to pay by the minute or sign up for a subscription. The service provides proofreading services for each file and has several payment options.

Research Associate

The Research Associate role is among the best entry-level remote jobs in Canada that require no experience or degree. This role involves using statistics and analyzing data from a variety of sources. Your responsibilities will include conducting literature searches and collecting information from websites. You will also be responsible for preparing reports, communicating with other researchers, and coordinating with clients. You will be paid hourly.

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A bachelor’s degree in health sciences or a related field is often required for entry-level clinical research associate jobs. Other programs may add practical hours that count toward certification tests. Studies in nursing, health sciences, biological sciences, and clinical research administration may prepare you for this role. Those without experience should seek out part-time work or internships that involve clinical research. They should also have a valid driver’s license to travel frequently.

Data Quality Specialist

As a Data Quality Analyst, you’ll review imagery data to determine if it’s of high enough quality to be used for a company’s product. You’ll review the features, size, and quality of annotations. Then, you’ll report the findings to a team. The company provides health insurance options through Anthem Blue Cross, Sharp Health, and Kaiser Permanente. Your premiums will be paid by the company and you can include up to 50% of your dependents.

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As an entry-level data quality specialist, you’ll make $12 an hour, or $50,000 a year. There are no educational requirements for this position, but you should have previous experience in market research or business administration. You’ll enjoy flexible working hours and a great working environment, too! For those without a degree, an entry-level data quality specialist job can be a good choice.

Email marketer

An email marketer has a variety of skills, including excellent copywriting and analytics. They must have a strong understanding of behavior targeting, segmentation, and journey mapping. They must also have strong analytical skills, multi-tasking ability, and a good sense of humor. A Bachelor’s degree in business, marketing, or communications is preferred. Some remote jobs for people without experience include email marketing manager and copywriter.


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