Australia Work Permit – Outlines On How To Get One

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Australia offers many jobs to skilled professionals who enable them to migrate here. The benefits are reciprocal as the worker gains wonderful experience abroad in this culturally diverse country and the Australian economy benefits from the improvements that help improve their workforce.


Below are the Australian government’s popular visa issue categories. There are many other special types of work visas such as Distinguished Talent, Business Owner etc. Most people will belong in the categories below.


This type of work permit is issued to that person who can demonstrate that he possesses the necessary skills and qualifications required for a specific profession included in the list of skilled professions (SOL).

This type of work permit (unlike most others) does not require the employer to sponsor the employee in any way (such incentives are provided because Australia has a huge shortage of skilled workers). This is for those looking for immigration to Australia. You can use the Skill Select tool to check EOI (Expression of Interest)

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This is a permanent type of work visa issued to individuals qualified to work for the improvement of the Australian economy (such as government agencies or companies).

The only criterion to qualify for this specific visa is that they must be sponsored by the employer.

457 VISA

As announced by PM of Australia on April 18, 2017, the temporary work visa – 457 will be abolished and replaced with the all-new TSS visa.

  • This is a temporary work visa issued to foreign workers sponsored by their employers.
  • Employers must meet specific nomination and sponsorship criteria to qualify the employee to apply for this visa.
  • Employees can get a visa for up to 4 years (TSS visa category ‘Next participant’ can stay as long as the visa is valid). The processing time for a TSS visa ranges from 30 days – 3 months.

TSS visa (Temporary Skills Shortage)


The 457 visa (temporary visa) will be replaced by the TSS visa in March 2018. The purpose of this visa is to provide a work visa for up to two years or up to four years (depending on the requirement) and requires sponsoring company / business to prove the authenticity of the skills shortage in Australia. The sponsoring institution must pay market salary, etc.; workers may need to demonstrate their English proficiency, have a minimum work experience of 2 years and age must be less than 45 years (at the time of application, etc. TSS will also pave the way for permanent residence).

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  • This is a permanent work visa issued to foreign workers sponsored by their employers.
  • This type of visa is issued to increase the competitiveness of Australia worldwide and to fill the skills gap in the market.


  • This is an opportunity offered to individuals aged 18-30 from countries in return for a short-term job while on holiday in Australia.
  • This visa expires after 12 months and the candidate must meet certain health requirements to be eligible for it.
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  • Passport (with a minimum validity of 6 months)
  • 2-3 recent photos.
  • Job offer letter.
  • Proof of dependents, if applicable.
  • Health and travel insurance.
  • Documentation of good behavior.
  • Personal character assessment (Form 80).
  • Curriculum vitae, Mark sheets and certificates.
  • English language skills.


  • The first step consists of determining the work visa category based on the job offer.
  • The applicant must meet the requirements of a points-based assessment, if applicable.
  • The employer must complete an online nomination / sponsor form, if applicable, before the person can apply for the visa.
  • The person must complete the online application form for the specific visa category.
  • All relevant information and additional documents must be submitted with the application.
  • The visa application fee must be paid to process the visa. 

About 190,000 permanent visas and 100,000 temporary visas are issued annually by the Australian government. Visa processing usually takes around 8-10 weeks, so early applications are encouraged for a stress-free visa process.


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