Basic Things You Should Prepared for Before Moving to USA

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1. Do not use trains

America is famous for its long roads and large cars, not trains. And there is a reason for this. The US rail system is really not very good, because for a long time it was not sufficiently provided. Trains on the northeast coast are pretty good, but other than that, they can be very slow and very expensive. Amtrak operates most of the railways in the USA, and only 72% of their trains arrive on time. Unsurprisingly, Americans prefer to travel by plane when domestic flights can often be cheaper than a train.

  1. Thanksgiving is huge there

Many people around the world can spend their whole lives listening to Thanksgiving without knowing what it is and what it means. As early as 1621, some British pilgrims invited Native Americans on a holiday to thank them for their help in harvesting, and since then America has been crazy about it. They celebrate every year on the fourth Thursday of November. Thanksgiving in America is perhaps more than Christmas, as the two busiest days in the country are each day before Thanksgiving and the first Sunday after it.

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3. They are obsessed with pumpkins

Who knew that pumpkins tasted so good? Well, apparently, most of America. The tradition of carving a pumpkin for Halloween and putting it in your yard was not enough for people in the United States. Now they want this in everything from alcohol and hot drinks to snacks and desserts. You can go to most supermarkets and buy pumpkin ale, pumpkin tea, pumpkin coffee, pumpkin donuts, pumpkin pies; The list is huge.

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4. Servings are massive

Everything is great there, especially food. It is a stereotype that Americans tend to eat large portions, but there is a lot of statistics to confirm this. A 2017 Food Service Warehouse study found that the U.S. consumes more calories than any other country in the world, with an average American receiving 3,770 calories per day. Over the past fifty years, the average instant burger in the US has increased in weight from 80 to 121 grams.

5. Sales tax is added at the end

Do not be fooled by prices in stores; they are higher than you think. In the US, retail tax is not added until you pay at the counter. It is printed on the receipt so you can clearly see how much has been added. The level varies from state to state, ranging from 2.9% in Colorado (the lowest in the country) to 7.25% in California (the highest in the country). Buying your clothes in Colorado sounds like a good idea.

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6. They still use the imperial system.

Welcome to the land of pounds, feet and inches! The USA is an elite club of countries (with Myanmar and Liberia) that do not use the metric system. Instead, they use a rather strange imperial system inherited from the British many years ago. Conversion rates are rather illogical, so you need to make some efforts to get around them. For example, one mile is 1.6 km and one pound is about 453.5 grams. Yes, it’s awful


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