Guide to Moving to Ottawa in Canada As an Immigrant

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Guide to Moving to Ottawa in Canada As an Immigrant

Planning your move to Ottawa can be stressful and difficult. However, if you follow our steps, you can have a smoother move. In this guide, we’ll discuss everything from finding a house to getting a mortgage and a credit card. Here are some other tips you should keep in mind as you plan your move. Then, you can take advantage of our free immigration services to help you settle into Ottawa.

Plan your move

Planning your move to Ottawa as an immigrant can be exciting and difficult. It’s Canada’s capital city, which means there are numerous government employees living in the city. However, if you have a lot of experience in international relocation, Ottawa might be the best city for you to start settling in. Here are some tips for you to make your move to Ottawa successful. We have listed some of the most important steps you need to take.

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Find a house

Whether you are relocating to Ottawa as a newcomer or if you’ve lived there for many years, there are a variety of housing options available to you in Ottawa. The cost of housing in Ottawa is lower than in many larger Canadian cities, so you can afford to buy a home in Ottawa without breaking the bank. If you’re looking for an inexpensive home in Ottawa, you’ll want to research the neighborhoods in which to live.

Get a mortgage

Once you’ve secured a job in Ottawa, getting a mortgage for your new home is the next step. Many newcomers take short-term housing while they find permanent housing. However, Ottawa offers plenty of housing options. Though housing costs are on the rise in Ontario, Ottawa prices are comparable to other larger Canadian cities. That means you can buy a home in Ottawa for a much more affordable price. Of course, the cost of housing depends on the neighborhood.

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Obtain a credit card

If you are planning to move to Ottawa, Canada, you may not have much experience with the Canadian credit system. You might be wondering what steps you should take in order to establish a credit history. First, make sure you have sufficient funds to cover the rent. Bank statements and letters from your bank can help you to prove that you are financially stable and able to pay your rent. It takes about two to three months to establish a credit history in Canada. You should also consider applying for an EQUIFAX credit report, which most landlords will require for you to prove you can pay your rent.

Find a school

There are numerous ways to find a school in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. The city is home to four school boards: two public and two Catholic. Each has its own admission criteria and rules. If you are an immigrant, it will be helpful to find a school in the same neighborhood as you. If you are unsure about your options, you can use the Multicultural Liaison Officer Program, offered by the Ottawa Community Immigrant Services Organization, to find a school in your new neighborhood.

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Decide on a location

As an immigrant, you will want to live near important places. There are many different kinds of housing in Ottawa. If you want to live close to work, school, and public transportation, look for an apartment that is in the city center or near a park. Depending on how big you want your apartment, it can cost from $1,343 to $2,225. You should think about the size and location before choosing a place.


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