Highest Paying Cybersecurity Jobs in Canada

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Highest Paying Cybersecurity Jobs in Canada

When it comes to the highest-paying cybersecurity jobs in Canada, there are a number of different options available. These include information security managers, Software architects, Lead engineers, senior product managers, and more. However, there are even more lucrative positions within this field than just those mentioned here. For example, a cyber-security officer can earn an average salary of $60,236 cad per year. Research scientists, on the other hand, can earn up to $150,000 a year.

Information security managers

Information security managers are among the most highly paid cybersecurity professionals in Canada. They are responsible for implementing and maintaining security policies and procedures in an organization. They also identify and mitigate security risks, conduct forensic investigations, and lead internal training and policy communication efforts. In Toronto, salaries for this job category average $110,258 per year. This figure is higher in other Canadian cities, such as Calgary, where information security managers earn an average of $114,965.

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Software architects

Software architects are innovative leaders within companies who develop new software features. They work with a team of programmers to find solutions to common challenges. They are experts in both software coding and design and can streamline potential products for better customer experiences. Listed below are the top 10 highest-paying cybersecurity jobs in Canada. A software architect earns a high wage and a healthy pension plan. Listed below are a few related jobs.

Lead engineers

Security analysts are responsible for protecting an organization’s mission-critical information. As such, they are among the highest-paying cybersecurity jobs in Canada. They work with various departments to devise specific measures and procedures that will safeguard the organization’s information and systems. These specialists often consult with management, develop and present presentations, and manage projects within the cybersecurity field. In addition, these professionals must be knowledgeable in IT and cybersecurity systems.

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Senior product managers

If you’re interested in a career as a senior product manager in the cybersecurity space, look no further. Dragos is seeking a Senior Product Manager to lead the development of its world-class ICS cybersecurity products. In this role, you’ll collaborate closely with the product team, internal stakeholders, and customers to create and execute an effective product roadmap. You’ll also validate use cases and define assigned products. To land this role, you need to have experience developing world-class cybersecurity products.

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Forensic engineers

In the cybersecurity field, forensic engineers are responsible for analyzing data that is stored in computers or mobile devices. These experts use open-source information and mostly internet resources to research and analyze files. These professionals also have to have strong communication skills and proficiency with forensic tools. They also need to be familiar with operating systems, mobile devices, and network infrastructure components. In addition, forensic engineers should have a strong knowledge of various programming languages.


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