How to Work in Canada as a Farm Worker

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How to Work in Canada as a Farm Worker

Working on a farm is a popular option for migrant workers, who are often underpaid. Canada’s ESDC (Employment and Social Development Canada) programs can help migrant farm workers with their health care needs. However, there are several issues that farm workers must be aware of before beginning work on a farm. Here are some tips that will help you find the right job and get started.


The Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) for farm workers in Canada has taken the first step toward improving the situation for temporary foreign agricultural workers in Canada. The program provides migrant farm workers with the same workplace rights and protections as Canadians. However, their temporary status makes them more vulnerable to abuse and exploitation. As part of its consultation process, ESDC consulted a diverse range of stakeholders, including migrant worker support organizations, public health units, labor groups, and national housing experts. The program also received feedback from foreign governments and international organizations participating in the Primary Agriculture Stream.

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ESDC for farm workers in Canada was established to provide economic assistance to migrant farm workers. As low-wage, low-skilled workers, migrant farmworkers have limited job security and are often reliant on the federal government for recruitment and retention. This model, however, is not sustainable as farmworkers can become depressed, leave their families, or lose their jobs.

Migrant farm workers

If you are looking for a job in Canada’s agricultural sector, you might be wondering how to work as a migrant farmworker. Canada’s government has implemented a temporary foreign worker program that allows agricultural employers to hire foreign workers. Under the TFWP, eligible agricultural employers can hire migrant labor for four to eight months. Workers from participating Caribbean countries, including Mexico, are eligible for the Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program.

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While this legislation is not comprehensive, it does protect the rights of migrant farmworkers. The Ontario government finally enacts legislation that covers agricultural workers, after the UFCW Canada (United Farm Workers of Canada) won the case. This legislation is now law in Canada, so farmworkers across the country can receive special EI benefits like parental and maternal benefits. The Canadian government is also making strides to recognize the rights of seasonal Mexican farm workers. UFCW Canada also celebrates a victory in a case that ruled against the Mexican government. It found that Mexican seasonal migrant workers were blacklisted and that the government altered documents to hide their union-busting activities.

Access to health care

Health care providers and policymakers in Canada are not prepared for the unique circumstances faced by migrant farm workers. Their language and cultural differences present many challenges. Consequently, access to health care for farm workers can be extremely difficult, particularly for those who speak little or no English. Furthermore, most of these individuals do not have access to an independent interpreter or can only rely on their employers for such services.

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Manitoba Health, for example, has recently expanded coverage to seasonal agricultural workers. This year, the province waived the wait time for these workers. Saskatchewan is similar in this regard, but migrant agricultural workers must pay for their own private insurance. The waiting period is also shorter, making it more accessible for farm workers. In both provinces, the government is trying to make health care more affordable for farm workers.


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