Worst Countries To Avoid Travelling To No Matter What

by Happybirthdaywishessmsmsg

1. Syria

Syria, with its modern capital Aleppo, used to be one of the major tourist destinations in the Middle East. The people are nice and hospitable. But with the increasingly strict attitude of their dictator, much of Syria is now a ruin of the war that has been going on for a while.

2. North Korea

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North Korea is without doubt a beautiful country in terms of natural features. But the real state of the entire country and its people are fooled by the ruling dictator. If you are a foreigner in this country, you must follow the rules. One wrong move and you could be held for a while.

3. South Sudan, Africa

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South Sudan became independent in 2011, but since then the country has faced severe poverty and military conflict. Ethnic violence and wars between nomadic tribes devastate this small African country.

4. Sudan, Africa

Sudan, another African country that, like South Sudan, is ravaged by internal military conflicts and political struggles. The literacy rate is extremely low, poverty is severe and crime has gotten out of hand.

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5. Benin, Africa

Benin is ranked as one of the least livable countries in the world. It is located in Africa. While Benin may not be plagued by wars like neighboring countries, living conditions are harsh and poverty is severe. You couldn’t even get a decent phone service.


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